In the distant future, far from the ruins of Earth, mankind has spread across the stars. Through genetic enhancements humanity has overcome the flaws of the past and now the Triumvirate of Terra holds the three castes of man together in a fragile peace, a feudal state of genetic supermen overseeing the pure-bred humans beneath them.

Within the Realm Ascendant a crisis grows as a vassal world openly declares independence, sparking rebellion and conspiracy from all sides. The forces of the Triumvirate are caught dealing with an alien onslaught and must strive to secure the Realm from aliens and now their own kind.

Meanwhile, on the glorious capital of the Realm Ascendant, the lords of Normydia struggle to retain control over their homeland in the face of growing influence from their own Highborn rivals, Lowborn rebels, and the ominous third caste of the Trinity waiting to expand their power. The rulers of the realm must hold the line and decide where their own loyalties lie.


*Contains harsh language and violence*


This is the first book of a trilogy introducing the universe of the Trinity, Book Two is on the way and will be added ASAP.

The Normydia Crisis, Book One

Copyright G. Satterford


The Chronicles of the Trinity